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Johnny is a versatile and inventive composer, orchestrator and musician specialising in Orchestral Music, Jazz and Traditional Irish music. His most recent project was an arrangement of Leaf Will Fall, an ethereal song composed by Anne Marie Kelly. Recorded at Audioland, Leixlip with Anthony Gibney, the track featured some of Dublin’s finest musicians and is due for a September release. The track was bookended by a modern composition for Violin, Viola and Cello and a Jig for Bouzouki, Fiddle, Guitar and String Group.

Remembering, Returning (above) is a score composed for the short film by Amelia Olsen-Boyd (Tropscore Competition Entry 2012). It showcases Johnny’s use of unusual colours and timbres in the opening section and his more traditional orchestral scoring towards the end.

Johnny has been scoring films since 2005. His showreel above features some of the films he has worked on in that time.