My first serious attempt at composition was at the age of 15 when I wrote Tango for solo piano. I’ve always played piano, guitar and drums and always been fascinated by orchestration and film music. I studied piano, composition and music education at Trinity College, Dublin and later studied Film Scoring at UCLA Extension where I was privileged to work with some of Hollywood’s top recording musicians and to learn from some of its most gifted composers and orchestrators.

I began scoring student and short films in 2005 and have been doing so ever since; my most recent work has been with the very talented up and coming directors Anne Marie Kelly and Roisin Jones. My composition and recording team includes Dave Hand (Guitars/Production) and Anne Marie Kelly (Vocals, Saxophone, Piano and Lyrics).

Avid drinker of tea.


Latest News March 2021

Two big projects have been released recently, I’ve been working on them both since 2019. God Given Opportunity is an important and hard-hitting work from longtime collaborator and friend Anne Marie Kelly (Ma (2018), Roots and Wings (2018)). I contributed sound design, on set sound recording and composed a number of tracks for the film. The Invincibles: Park Assassins is a new podcast from the very talented Roisin Jones, with whom I collaborated previously on A Sense of Joy (2019). Looking forward to more projects this year.