Reminiscence for Solo Piano with Sheet Music

record cover for Reminiscence, a piece for piano


Just released; sheet music and audio of Reminiscence

Short, evocative and graceful, very much in the style of French composers Ravel, Faure and Satie.

€1.50 EUR includes sheet music and download.

If you’re interested in licencing this piece, just go to audiojungle : )





Pieces for Piano and Bad Karma: 24,999 Views and Counting

cover of album, pieces for piano

This week saw the release of an E.P of piano music entitled Pieces for Piano.  It’s available as a free download; all you need is your email address to own the tracks, one of which is an original composition called Tango.  The other tracks are Preludes by Rachmaninoff and Chopin (the former featured in the film Shine) and a miniature by Schumann.

Back in 2007, Magdalena Segeida filmed a promotional video for the Irish National Tae Kwon Do Association and I was fortunate enough to be invited to compose the score.  Nearly 6 years on and the video has been viewed on 24,999 times, making it easily the most heard of any of my compositions, even if the viewers may be specifically Tae Kwon Do enthusiasts rather than music fans.  Take a look if you get a chance, you’ll at least increase your understanding of a fascinating martial art.  Stephen Brady’s Bad Karma, filmed in 2011 and screened at the Dun Laoghaire Underground Film Festival, was a great opportunity for me to score a short film.  The music I composed was also used in the trailer; that trailer has more than 22,000 youtube views.  It’s great to know that the music is being heard.